Recently, Waterhouse was called upon to assist a Wastewater Treatment Plant with the operation of their centrifuge. This particular plant had been dealing with another polymer supplier for years, and had never been able to get the results they wanted.

Fortunately, the plant was able to de-water their cake solids to an acceptable level, however, the centrate going back to their plant was reaching levels as high as 7,000 mg/L TSS! Our competitor had been in, performed jar tests and plant trials, but had been unable to find a solution.

Waterhouse went to site and performed some jar tests, determining the polymer selection had not been ideal. After a two-day plant trial with Waterhouse representatives on-site, we were able to keep their cake dryness the same while lowering the TSS from 7,000 mg/L down to a miniscule 160 mg/L. That is a reduction of over 97%, and something the plant had never been able to achieve in the past!!