Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation Launches Systems Division

Will bring Leading International Water and Wastewater Equipment Solutions to North America

Vancouver, B.C., Canada – November 21, 2019
As part of its growth strategy focused on Clean Technologies, Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation is proud to announce the launch of the Waterhouse Systems Division.  For more details, visit www.waterhouse-systems.com.

Waterhouse will be bringing the best international technologies to North America designed to clean industrial water and wastewater, and will be establishing strategic partnerships to do so.  The market scope of the Systems Division will expand beyond Waterhouse’s current focus on the Pacific Northwest to include all of North America.

Waterhouse’s 20 years of experience in optimizing chemistries in water and wastewater treatment processes makes the expansion into equipment systems a natural direction for the company.  The Systems team will be working hands-on with industrial customers to provide tailored modular and turnkey equipment solutions with the latest international technology in a cost-effective package.

“The global movement towards environmental responsibility and sustainability is pushing government regulations to become more stringent on the quality of industrial effluent.” said Charles Johnson, President of Waterhouse Environmental Systems Inc. “Tighter regulations on heavy metals, fats, oils and grease (FOG), total suspended solids (TSS) and pharmaceutical byproducts call for better treatment of waste streams, and Waterhouse Systems will be ready to provide a solution to these issues and more. Our clean technology will enhance both emerging and mature industry processes where regulations are pushing for tighter control over your effluent. Waterhouse can design and build a unique treatment process for your plant, including on-site training and real-time support for your team whenever required.  We invite you to contact us for a no-risk assessment of your current system, and how Waterhouse Systems can improve your effluent quality.”

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