At a west coast BNR wastewater treatment facility Waterhouse was called upon to help find a solution to an issue that had been plaguing the plant for years.

This particular plant had been using a polymer on their DAF thickener and had been unable to lower the effluent TSS down to a reasonable level without dosing excessive polymer. Additionally, the operators were regularly being called out in the middle of the night to resolve plant issues related to their DAFT.

The incumbent supplier at the time had been unable to find a solution to the TSS and polymer concerns with the DAFT, even suggesting the unit operation was fully optimized and nothing further could be achieved by chemical selection and process adjustments.

After a series of jar tests and two days of plant trials, Waterhouse was able to not only reduce their polymer dosage by an impressive 70%, we were able to reduce their TSS levels by 50%, and increase their thickened solids consistency thus improving the centrifuge dewatering unit operation.